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New Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/MyCollections/141715572635052.

New in this version :
  • Added setup package.
  • Added Amazon Spain for Apps, Books, Games, Movie, Music, Nds and Tvshow.
  • Added TVDB Spain for Tvshow.
  • Added TMDB Spain for Movies.
  • Added Auto rename files from title.
  • Added more filters when adding files (vob,mpls,ifo...)
  • Improve Books author and Music Artist Credits.
  • Rewrite find duplicates for better performance.
  • You can now add Custom link to items.
  • You can now add type directly from the type list using right mouse button.

Bug Fixed :
  • Changing Media Name is now working.
  • GroupBy Media no more closing on delete.
  • Fixed Bing Api
  • Fixed JeuxVideo Api
  • Fixed OtherSide Skin
  • Fixed bug on delete
  • Fixed bug with search on original title
  • Fixed bug with removing type.
  • Lot of bug fixing