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Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/MyCollections/141715572635052.
Contact us for help or improvment : myCollections.team@gmail.com

New in this version :
  • Added TheGamesDB.net API for Games and NDS
  • Added Support for Windows Media Center
  • Added Support for myMovies
  • Added Support for XBMC
  • Added Support for Dune HD
  • Added Support for Mede8er
  • Added Support for WD HDTV
  • Added Fast search options
  • Added order by Artist/Album for music
  • You can now create covers and background for games
  • You can now update your ID3 tag with the info of myCollections
  • Fixed several provider
  • Performance improvement
  • New Splash Screen
  • BugFixing

  • 16/08/2012

    If you like this software please donate.

    New Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/MyCollections/141715572635052.

    New in this version :
    • Added setup package.
    • Added Amazon Spain for Apps, Books, Games, Movie, Music, Nds and Tvshow.
    • Added TVDB Spain for Tvshow.
    • Added TMDB Spain for Movies.
    • Added Auto rename files from title.
    • Added more filters when adding files (vob,mpls,ifo...)
    • Improve Books author and Music Artist Credits.
    • Rewrite find duplicates for better performance.
    • You can now add Custom link to items.
    • You can now add type directly from the type list using right mouse button.

    Bug Fixed :
    • Changing Media Name is now working.
    • GroupBy Media no more closing on delete.
    • Fixed Bing Api
    • Fixed JeuxVideo Api
    • Fixed OtherSide Skin
    • Fixed bug on delete
    • Fixed bug with search on original title
    • Fixed bug with removing type.
    • Lot of bug fixing


    If you like this software please donate.
    New in this version :

    Improved UI
    New Metro Skin
    Improved Performance
    Added Proxy Settings
    New Music and Books Artist detail
    Lot of Bug Fixing


    If you like this software please donate.

    New in this version :

    • Added Export to PDF so you can now print your collections
    • Added Export to CSV
    • Added Export to XML
    • Added To Watch/Read/Hear/Test option
    • Added Screen to manage studio
    • Added AlloCine provider for artist detail
    • Added Donation Pop-up
    • Updated AlloCine provider
    • Rewrite AlloCine provider for TvShow
    • Update Sqlite
    • Performance Improvement
    • BugFixing
    • Removed GamePro provider
    • Sending Exception to Cloud DB



    If you like this software please donate.

    New in this version :

    • Added Loan Users Imports from CSV File
    • Added Spanish Translation
    • Manually change artist picture
    • Rewrite charts
    • Added adultDvdEmpire as provider
    • Added Amazon.fr for XXX
    • Added Aka for artist
    • Added Italian Translation
    • Added lock button on details panel
    • Added Cast info in details panel
    • Added Artist View
    • Added Add by BarCode
    • Added Upgrade Data from previous version
    • Added Pin button for details panel
    • Rewrite Dorcel Provider
    • Update Dutch Translation
    • Update Sqlite
    • Improve Search by Artist
    • Performance Improvement
    • BugFixing